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Diversity Statistics 2023

We have a very low turnover of staff so our data is very similar to previously reported results, and we feel probably largely representative of Eastbourne’s population.

Our staff roles in the firm
ICAEW Chartered Accountant Partner 4
ICAEW Chartered Accountant Manager 2
ICAEW Chartered Accountant Qualified 2
ICAEW Training 1
Other Accountant Partner 1
Other Accountant Manager 3
Other Chartered Accountant Training 1
Other Accountant Training 2
Direct Support Staff 7
Prefer not to say 1
16-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65 and over
3 6 1 7 3 4
Gender Male Female
Registered sex at birth: 12 12
Which gender do you identify with: 12 12


No Yes
Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth: 0 24
Disability No Yes
Disabled as per Equality Act 24 0

Day to day activities limited because of health problem disability expected to last at least 12 months:

23 1
Ethnic Group British Other white background
23 1
Faith Christian No religion
13 11
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Prefer not to say
24 0
Socio-economic background
If you went to university were you part of the first generation of your family to do so?
Yes No Did not attend
5 2 17
School attended 11-16
State non-selective Independent State selective on academic/faith or other grounds
Socio-economic background
Highest level of qualification achieved by parents/guardians
Degree level 3
A level or vocational 8
Below A level or vocational 7
No formal qualifications 2
I don’t know 3
Other 1
Social Mobility
Highest level of qualifications achieved before qualifying
Degree 8
A level or vocational 7
Below A level 4
Not applicable 1
Prefer not to say 1
Income support: Did household receive income support during school years
Yes No Don’t know
4 19 1
Free school meals: Entitled to free school meals
Yes No Don’t know
4 19 1
At age 14, which best describes the sort of work the main income earner in household did
Modern professional 5
Clerical 1
Senior manager 1
Technical and craft 6
Semi routine manual and service 3
Routine manual and service 3
Middle/Junior manager 1
Traditional professional 2
Inactive 1
I don’t know 1
Caring responsibilities
  No Yes
Primary carer for child under 18 20 4
  No Yes (1-19 hours)
Look after or give support to family member, friend, neighbour etc 21 3
Marital status
Single Married Divorced Widowed
6 13 4 1
Maternity/Paternity No Yes N/A
Taken leave during last 5 years 21 3
If yes did you return to current employer after leave 3
Receive additional time for antenatal appointments 3
Offered flexible working arrangements  3
Ability to work from home been important aide 1 1 1